Osman Oksuzoglu

Dr. Osman Oksuzoglu

Osman Oksuzoglu was born in Şanlıurfa. In 2000 he completed his Bachelor’s degree at Harran University Music Department, after which he worked as an academic in Afyon Kocatepe University (AKU) State Conservatory between 2001 and 2007.  In 2004 he completed his Master education in AKU Social Science Institute Music Department. Having taken lessons from Niyazi Sayın, Prof. Ruhi Ayangil, Salih Bilgin, Halil Baziki, Mehmet Mercan Özkan, Vehbi Balak. He has worked with various groups to give concerts and workshops in Germany (Frankfurt), Oman (Muscat), Lebanon (Beirut), Qatar (Doha), Spain (Barcelona, Madrid), India (Bangalore), Bosnia-Herzegovina (Sarajevo, Mostar), Poland, (Warsaw) USA (Berkeley, Monterey), Azerbaijan (Baku) and Belgium (Genk).  Since 2008 he has been working in the Istanbul State Turkish Music Research and Application Group as a rhythm player. He completed his doctorate at Marmara University Social Science Institute Islamic History and Arts Department.


Some Performances

Free Jazz-Fasil! Amos Libby (oud) and Osman Oksuzoglu (ney/percussion)
Subterranean Arthouse – 12 August 2012 – Berkeley, CA.

World Music in Warsaw -25 September 2012- Al-Kindi Ensemble

Beiteddine Festival – Beirut, 30 July 2011, Al-Kindi Ensemble

The Royal Opera House Muscat-Oman, 1 November 2010, Al-Kindi Ensemble

Yunus Emre Institute, Bosnia, 07 October 2010, Istanbul State Turkish Music Research and Performer Ensemble

Puttaparti, India, 12 August 2010

Liceu & Real Conservatory, Barcelona, Madrid -14-17 April 2010

Atakent Culture Center-Istanbul- 28 April 2012, Erguvan Ensemble

Zeytinburnu Culture Centre – Istanbul-2012,
İstanbul State Turkish Music Research And Performance Ensemble

İSAM Concert Hall, İstanbul-2012, İfade-i Meram Ensemble

CRR Concert Hall, 2009 – İstanbul, 40 Ney 1 Nefes

Dr. Murat Sâlim Tokaç (Tanbur), Atilla Akıntürk (Kanun), Osman Öksüzoğlu (Percussion)
Ataturk Concert Hall, 2008 – Adapazarı / Ataturk Concert Hall,  2007 – Afyonkarahisar

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